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Please contact Golden Consulting Group if you are unsure of your filing needs at (877) 697-6977.

Common Interest Filing

A notice of Intention must be filed with the DRE, and a preliminary, conditional or final public report obtained, before offering for sale or lease, in California, five (5) or more subdivision interests.

The following subdivisions are exempt from filing with the Department of Real Estate for subdivision report:  

  �  Condominiums, planned developments, stock cooperatives, community apartments, and related conversions of LESS than five (5) units or lots.   

  �  Standard subdivisions of less than five (5) lots.  
  �  Subdivisions developed and offered to the public by public agencies.   

  �  Commercial and industrial subdivisions within California in which lots or other interest are (a) limited to industrial or commercial uses by zoning or (b) limited to industrial or commercial uses by a declaration of covenants, condition and restrictions, which declaration has been recorded in the official records of the county or counties in which the subdivision is located.   


For its entirety see the subdivision public report application guide (SPRAG)


Public Reports and Permits are reproduced on the appropriate colors:

Preliminary Public Reports     Pink

Interim Public Reports           Pink

Conditional Public Reports     Yellow

Conditional Permits               Yellow

Final Public Reports              White

Permits                                White

Types of Subdivisions

Condominium                                          Planned Development Land Project

Condominium Conversions                        Planned Development Mobile Homes

Stock Cooperative                                    Community Apartment                                      

Stock Cooperative Conversion                   Undivided Interest

Limited Equity Housing Corporation           Undivided Interest Land Project


Regardless of the type of common interest subdivision you are involved with, completing a Duplicate Budget Package (DBP) for Department review is very important. Golden Consulting Group specializes in the budget preparation of RE Form 623 Budget Worksheet, RE Form 624A (HOA Common Facilities) and Re Form 611A (Planned Construction Statement) if applicable.


Golden Consulting Group  budgets are a good faith estimate from plans prior to construction and/or completion (for new projects) or from a combination of plans and/or site inspections (for existing projects). For existing projects there may have been historical data as support for some line items, but changes to the project may make some historical data not applicable or reliable. Our budgets are prepared for the purpose of obtaining a public reports.




Projects which are being converted to, or built as condominiums, stock cooperatives, TIC's an RE 639 and reserve study must be completed and included with the DBP.



Existing Homeowners Associations


Submitting a DBP is basically the same procedures apply unless the subdivider is no longer in control. If the subdivider is not in control then the association will need to provide additional information such as financial statements, last reserve study, assessment and reserve funding disclosure form, current budget, and a statement of past due delinquencies.